weboc Registration Procedure

WEBOC, Web based One Customs For Import and Export Goods Declaration filing

WEBOC stands for Web Based One Customs developed by PRAL (Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd)., for FBR and its divisions like Customs . It is a web based system for filing Goods Declarations (GD) for import and export cargo., which can be used by both Importers, Exporters and their Customs Clearing Agents. At this point, WEBOC is the standard and mandatory platform for filing Goods declarations.  Therefore, the previous filing of GD under ‘offline / manual’ methods, is no longer available.

Therefore, if you want to Import or Export, then WEBOC registration is mandatory. The WEBOC registration itself is very simple. Provided you have completed the below steps.

  1. Sales Tax Number Copy
  2. National Tax Number Copy
  3. NTN Verification Copy
  4. CNIC Card Copy
  5. CNIC Nadra Verification
  6. ATL (Active Tax Payer) Copy
  7. Office Registry or Rent Deed Copy
  8. Bank Statement for last three months. Original
  9. Bank account maintenance letter. Original
  10. One Utility Bill of Office
  11. Letter Head x 3 Copies

Once you have obtained the above mentioned registrations and documents. Please visit the WEBOC registration office, at Lahore, It’s located at NLC Dry port with your original CNIC. You will have to fill the form, providing the complete details about your company along with your contact details and most importantly email address. Because, PRAL will generate the user-ID (tr-0-yourNTN number) and password and email to you. You can download the WEBOC registration form here.

Once your WEBOC registration is completed, you are all set to Import or Export. If you are based at Lahore, we can personally help you with the registration process. Therefore please feel free to contact our Lahore Office.