Mandatory EIF Requirement for Imports into Pakistan

Electronics Import Form Filing

Government through State bank of Pakistan, has made few irrational laws and regulations that is massively hindering import trade into Pakistan., the latest example is EIF (Electronic Import Form) requirement, even for shipments which payment wasn’t in fact effected from Pakistan, lately, a customer’s brother had sent products from overseas and there was actually no payment remittance involved from Pakistan, but still State Bank wants to remit money for it.

There is actually an Option under EIF filing, to choose ‘No Remittance from Pakistan’., however that is limited to Non-Commercial imports., such as goods donated from overseas to a registered charity in Pakistan.

In order to cope with this situation and avoid delay in shipments customs clearance, it is kindly requested to all customers, to be well prepared for filing of EIF., before the import of shipment, In the event of  you have already imported the shipment then you may choose the ‘Open Account‘ payment method., this allows you to send remittance within 6 months of the shipment arrival., and it’s assumed the goods were purchased on 6 months credit terms or less.