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Used Laptops Customs Clearance at Lahore and Karachi Pakistan

The largest Import Customs Clearing Agents at Lahore & Karachi for Used Laptops

We have been involved in the customs clearance of used computers and used laptops since the beginning., we handled our first shipment for used computers back in 1998., and since then we have been the most reputable name for used computers and laptops customs clearance in every major local market., such as Hafeez Center and Hall Road etc. We are serving both large and small importers, importing used laptops from USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

In addition to extensive experience in the used laptops customs clearance, we are perhaps one of the very few, highly professional import freight forwarder, having strong market grip and rates, from all major markets, Such as USA, Canada, UK, Europe, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc etc.

If you are a regular or new importer, we can help you save costs significantly, and particularly for used laptops, we can offer single amount charges including all charges., both Customs Clearance all-in and Freight + Customs Clearance All-in per Laptops under ‘Done’ Basis. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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