Customs Duty (Pakistan)

The Ratio of Customs Duties on Items Imported into Pakistan

The below table of Customs Duties for items imported into Pakistan also includes the below:

- Sales Tax @ 20%*
- Income Tax @ 6%**

In Pakistan Customs Duties are valued-added. i.e The basic Customs Duty is charged on the CNF value of the goods., And then Sales Tax is calcualted after 'adding' the basic customs duty into original CNF value and then Sales Tax is caluculated and so on.

Basic Duty Total All-in Compound %
Including Customs Duty, Sales and Income Tax
0% 28%
5% 34%
10% 40%
15% 47%
20% 53%
25% 59%
30% 66%
35% 72%
1. Certain Items are wavied of Sales Tax as per 6th Schedule
2. Certain Items are waived of Income Tax via ITO
3. Certain Items are wavied of Customs Duty via 5th Schedule
4. Updated 20 March 2014