DDP/DDU Shipments

Following Tariff is applicable for DDU/DDP Shipments.

Door delivery all over the Pakistan. Goods must be shipped to LHE (Lahore) airport regardless of the final destination. All Duties and Taxes, storage charges, detention charges, shipping line DO charges, terminal charges, port charges, and any other receipted charges are excluded and billed at actual. For an approximate idea of duties ratio and structure please see Customs Duties in Pakistan.

Weight Eur / KG USD / KG
Min 175.00 238.00
-50kgs 5.00 6.80
+100kgs 3.50 4.76
+200kgs 3.00 4.08
+300gs 2.00 2.72
+500kgs 1.50 2.04
1. Certain Items are wavied of Sales Tax as per 6th Schedule
2. Certain Items are waived of Income Tax via ITO
3. Certain Items are wavied of Customs Duty via 5th Schedule
4. Updated 20 March 2014